Sixth Link

Name Sixth Linc
Instagram @sixthlink

I’ve been fascinated by interior and furniture design since I was 13, when my Mother had a shop in Bridgnorth, South Shropshire. I was intrigued by the appeal that furniture from past times, even the recent pass, can have – and the sense it gives of stepping back into another place. My first mid-century buy was a classic Franco Albini rattan lobster pot stool when I was 14 from a private house sale.

To wear, I like a large Arran fisherman’s roll top sweater over harem trousers and one of my collection of Converse trainers. I keep my hair long (as seen on TV!) sometimes gathered, sometimes loose, with a beard as the mood takes me, like the dudes in Bastille, my best band. At the festivals, where I can, I quench my thirst and Cerevisaphile’s love of craft beers

Setting up Sixth Link has been an answer to my passion for Mid-Century fashion, 60s and 70s style. For me, there’s nothing better than cruising the sales and markets for furniture, lighting and ceramics of that era, and every time I find a special rare piece, put it in the shop and on my social media is like a triumph I never get bored of.

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